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Geert Groot (Freelance Google Ads Specialist)

"I think The PPC Hub is the best place to be when you are looking to stay on top of your Google Ads game. The courses included are packed with value and easy to follow. Next to the courses, GM's and chat there is almost instant feedback and help on your questions plus members share great insights. The Q&A's, Round Tables and Workshops are very interactive and fun to watch as well. I recommend every Google Ads freelancer to join and grow together."

Violeta Balbae (Founder @ KLIQBLE Agency)

"The PPC Hub has been a game-changer for me in my transition from full-time employee to freelancing. What sets this community apart is the incredible wealth of resources and expertise available. It's like you have access to your own team of experts with just few clicks away. The regular webinars and live Q&A sessions with industry experts have been very valuable in discovering new tools and solutions to get better results and advance my expertise. I always look forward to our regular meetings. If you're serious about expanding your PPC knowledge with advanced strategies and tactics and connecting with like-minded people, PPC Hub is a must! I would give them more than 5 stars if I could :)"

Lol Lowe (PPC Consultant)

"This is the PPC mastermind group I've been looking for! I've been part of a few professional groups, but there was always something missing - usually a bit too "beginners" or too focussed to multi-million $ budget accounts (which isn't that helpful when you mainly work with much smaller budgets.) And, other groups tend to be just question focussed ie you post your question & someone answers (or not!) The PPC Hub is totally different, the members are super helpful and insightful, the course content will blow you away, and the live events are excellent and always worth attending. Being a member has helped me turn around a difficult account, which is now hitting it's best ever ROAS (August hit Q4 levels which I never thought was a achievable for this particular account.) This is 100% down to implementing advice from Bob & Miles."